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A Few Words About Ashley Luu

Ashley Luu

A Professional Cosmetology

Ashley Luu, who is now achived one of her dreams, which is to become the owner of Hair Elegance Salon, so that she could deliver her expertise, and talented to server the community.

Also, she has had a life-long love affair with being a professional cosmetology. It’s no mystery where her passion for beauty originated. She has been immersed in the world hair and make up designs since birth.

Over the last twenty years, she has mastered the skills and expertise that place her at the top of her game in the profession of makeup and hair design

In addition, she received training with some of the innovators in the world of hair and makeup including, sisley, Christian Dior, Shishedo, Trish Mcvoy, Motives Cosmetics, and Toni & Guy Hairdresser, Christoph Salon. She has worked professionally with such companies as Christoph Salon, Toni & Guy Hairdresser, Shishedo, Christion Dior, Trish Mcvoy, Motives Cosmetics, and Vietnamese Celebrities. In addition, she advanced her education at the Elegance International Professional Makeup Industry School in Hollywood.

Hair Elegance

Likewise, she is also a master of the art of creating a “nude” or no makeup look, a technique of applying makeup that requires great skill in order to make the subject appear natural and radiant. She feels quite comfortable introducing natural elements to her work..

She has now added permanent cosmetic makeup to her services. She is certified in Eyebrow Hair Simulation, Powder Eyebrows, Lash Enhancement, Eyeliner, Lip Liner, Lip Sparking, Full Lip Colour, Skin Needling, Scar Relaxation, Melanocyte Restoration and Scalp Repigmentation. She attended International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics/ Susan Church Permanent Makeup Education (SCPME). She completed the class with honors and have been selected to work hand in hand with Ms. Susan Church developing a programs for the Asian community.

Besides her broad range of talent and expertise, she brings her dynamic personality to her work, balancing dedication and professionalism with a sense of lightness, fun and creativity. Her calm demeanor is an asset to the often-hectic environments of runway, high fashion, photography and film.

Moreover, she continues to develop her craft and am always open to creating something new and innovative for her clients while, at the same time, supporting their aesthetic vision. She has an innate ability to connect with her clients in such a way that they leave her makeup chair with a renewed sense of their own beauty and radiance.

Ultimately, she has been sincere appreciation for beauty and her passion for working with people shows in the magnificent work she does. “After 20 years in the industry she still loves what she does! She truly has the best job in the world. She looks forward to every new face and every new day.”

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