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Hair Elegance


Hair Elegance Salon offers a collaborative working environment and a team of stylists who have advanced education in order to better serve their clients. We are dedicated to service and value.

All of our licensed specialists sincerely enjoy what they do and it is reflective on the smiles and repeat business of our clients.

We promise individual attention and a great customer service experience for all of our valued clients.

We value the feedback that we receive from our clients both during and after services are rendered.

Please call (951)-361-4400 to schedule your appointment TODAY to get a great NEW LOOK!

Ashley Luu / Owner

Hair Elegance

Ashley Luu, the owner of Hair Elegance, is a professional cosmetology. With over 15 year of experience, she's a master hair stylist at Hair Elegance.

Not only a master hair stylist, but she's also specialty in hair coloring, up-dos, straightening & cutting. She gives her clients the new cutting-edge look.

Besides a hair stylist, she's also a professional make-up artist. She provides her clients with:

And she's also an expert in:

In addition to her broad range of talent and expertise, She brings her dynamic personality to her work, balancing dedication and professionalism with a sense of lightness, fun and creativity. her calm demeanor is an asset to the often-hectic environments of photography and film.

Michelle Beers / Manager

Hair Elegance

Michelle Beers, the manager of Hair Elegance, is a master stylist.

She has been styling hair for over 20 years, and she can give you the look that you are after.

She specalizes in cutting and coloring.

Angie Kim

Hair Elegance

Angie Kim is an advance stylist at Hair Elegance.

She is a stylist at our salon with over 10 years of experience.

She has advanced training in waxing, texture and curle rod placement.

In her spare time, Angie enjoys playing the piano, reading a good book, and listening to music

Perla Mendez

Hair Elegance

Perla Mendez is a Stylist (English / Spanish) at Hair Elegance.

She has been styling her clients hair for over 12 years.

She provides her clients with everything from cutting-edge hairstyles and extensionsto full body waxing.

Sarah Quint

Hair Elegance

Sarah Quint is a stylist at our salon.

Sarah Quint

Hair Elegance

Fana Atsbeha is a stylist at our salon.

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